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User experience consultant. Developer and entrepreneur.

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Launching a free online eBook - The process explained

Just finished up launching a new online eBook and I’d like to break down the process for you. The results so far have been great! (more than 1200 subscribers in 3 days and a 55% conversion rate of the landing page)

Not lying about the results


Here’s the final result before I dive in:

Here’s the page in 3 steps:

Step 1 - Landing page


Step 2 - Thank you page


Step 3 - Delivery page


Disclaimer 1: I’m not going to write about producing the said eBook or bringing traffic to the website in question, but rather outlining the steps I’ve followed in making this available and the process behind converting visitors to newsletter subscribers in order to download it.

UX goal

Let me start with the main goal: we would like to turn as much anonymous traffic into newsletter subscribers. Why? Because we want to build an emailing list. W...

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Why do I love

I can’t even begin to name how many todo management apps are out there. How am I going to choose anyway?

I believe I’ve tried a dozen, can’t even remember their names. In their essence, they’re all doing the same thing.

Why have aI chosen to stay with then? It’s the day to day experience.


The fact that I’ve learnt a few of their keyboard shortcuts so now I’m able to move around quickly and do my job. Let me go over a bunch of features:

1. Single page app

The dawn of a new era, web pages, then web sites, have become web apps. The gap between desktop apps and web apps has grown increasingly slim. The browser has taken the spotlight. I can access in my forever-open Chrome and its sits right in there, acting well.

2. Catered towards human nature

No longer do I have to figure out dry dates. They can handle human stuff like: “tomorrow”, “next week”, “every...

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I’m going to write about my journey becoming a user experience designer…

A new turning point in my professional life has given me the necessary nudge to start blogging again. I’ve been in and out of it for the past few years, but as I try to generate more reflection time for myself, I believe I can put my thoughts down in writing.

I’ve been a programmer for the past 12 years, having started programming at the age of 12, after randomly picking up a book while visiting some family friends. It’s been a journey every since, and I love it.

However, I believe myself to be a T-shaped individual, so naturally I want to venture into new spaces where I’m not as proficient, in order to expand my field of knowledge. Over the past 3 years, I’ve been accumulating knowledge about people, soft skills, running a business, design, programming, you name it.

If I am to focus on something new that surely makes me tick, that would be User Experience Design. UX has its roots in...

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